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We do provide you with site content for school information, buyer's tips and seller's tips (see demo), but in order to truly customize your site to you or you business we need some extra information from you.

Requirements may vary slightly, depending upon the template of your choice and any optional features you might add to your package.

General requirements are as follows and may be emailed to LibertyWebHosting@CHPros.com

1) Digital Photos

Each photo marked "sample photo" on your template will be replaced with a photo of your own. The number of photos needed depends on your template. Please consider this when picking your template. It it has an "our team" page you'll need the photos of everyone on the team. You can replace sample photos with photos of yourself, your office, your city - whatever you wish as long as you can provide it.
If you don't have any photos of your own, we can help you pick some professional photography but there may be an additional charge.

Accepted file formats: jpg, gif, tiff, png, bmp, pdf,
Resolution: at least 150dpi is prefered but please do not send anything lower that 72dpi.

2) Five Custom Email Address Names

All packages come with five free custom email address. think about the custom names you want to use.
For example: info@yourcompany.com, JohnSmith@njpros.com, sales@yourcompany.com

When using the free njpros subdomain ( yourname@njpros.com), your choices may be somewhat limited since they cannot be duplicated. The more unique the addresses are, the better.
If you are using your own domain (yourname@yourcompany.com) there is no limitation and you may have any 5 custom names you'd like.

3) Contact Information

Please send all contact information you'd like included on your site. Addresses, telephone numbers, cell numbers, etc. If you have an "out team" page, you may want contact information listed for each team member as well.

Please consider which email address you'd like connected to the contact form on your site. This is the email that will receive the information submitted by this form.

4) Company Information / Copy

Depending on the type of template you pick, there are different pages that will require personal information about you, your company or both. Unfortunately, we can't write this for you! Feel free to send us literature, advertisements or copy you might already have, or write something fresh and new. Looking at other real estate websites might give you the inspiration you need.

You can attach scanned materials or word documents to an email or just send the information directly in an email message.